Comics offer incentives to maintain readership

It’s a strange time for comics. It’s a strange time for media. Newspapers and books are struggling with the digital market, while films and music are fighting piracy. It’s not that simple to say the Internet is killing traditional media; new forms of distribution and a rise of independent creators are forcing pillars of any […]

Comics provide space for social commentary

Comics are the funny books, the home of people in tights fighting each other, yet they are a great medium for social commentary and protest. Since their inception, comic books have challenged the established system and worked to highlight injustice around the world. Comics created the space for activism because they were the underdog of […]

Indie comics deserve attention

Everyone loves the indie comic scene. It serves as a great alternative to narrow-minded, studio-controlled projects and, more often than not, indie comics show artists embracing their passions or dream projects. Independent productions are the reason why college radio stations or the Sundance and Slamdance film festivals exist and thrive. So long as major companies […]

Internet offers new medium for comics

Even if you think you don’t think you read comics, there’s a pretty good chance that you do. Have you ever read xkcd or Dinosaur Comics? Those are comics, even if they don’t feature superheroes or come in the regular format. Comic books have been around since the 1930s, but the industry began experimenting with […]

2012 remains promising for comic creators

There’s a lot to look forward to in comics this year. DC Comics brought in some of the best writers and artists for the Before Watchmen books, and its relaunched core titles are picking up steam. Marvel is starting its big company-wide crossover, Avengers vs. X-Men that will take up the summer in a slew […]

Anthology interrupts sexist comic trends

Over the weekend at the WonderCon 2012 comic book convention, IDW Publishing announced that the series Womanthology — which just put out a Kickstarter-funded 300-page graphic novel — is going to become an ongoing anthology series. The book, and the new series, is made up of stories, essays and comic-making tips from an all-female creative […]

Superhero genre fulfills potential with comics

Superheroes and comic books: The two are almost inseparable. There are more to comic books than superheroes, and those series and genres should definitely be looked at, but when it comes to the big companies and what many creators turn to, it’s superheroes. They’re the flagship titles and bulk of the Big Two, Marvel and […]

Single issues are not dying, but evolving

What’s the best way to tell a story? Last week, an article in the AV Club by Ryan McGee questioned if the rise in serialized television dramas had killed off the singular episode as a way of telling the story. McGee said that as longer storylines emerged, the basic episode stopped being its own story, […]

Cultural stigmas limit comic book audience

When people think of comics, most unfortunately hold very dated and cliché views of the medium. That’s why so many articles and superhero movie reviews have the trite words “Pow!” “Wham!” “Bam!” headlines. This has some unfortunate consequences: Parents taking their kids to very mature films like The Dark Knight or Watchmen, for example, because […]

Diverse comics top superhero storylines

When people think of comic books, they tend to think of superheroes. It’s not surprising; the superhero genre originated in comic books. It was the dominant genre after censorship in the 1950s restricted the industry, and now the phrase “comic book movie” is used synonymously with “superhero movie.” But comics are about more than this […]