Vintage store celebrates contemporary and retro fashion

Every time a girl realizes she must attend another outing, another date or anything in between, the search for the perfect outfit is on. And when it comes to dress hunting, the situation is even stickier. Oftentimes finding the perfect dress proves nearly impossible, but fashion figure Shareen Mitchell makes it easy. The vintage curator, […]

Rain go away

A student bikes by Cromwell Field Monday in the rain. More than 0.6 inches fell in Downtown Los Angeles, causing minor campus flooding and by midafternoon a rainbow was visible on campus. The weather is expected to be sunny and in the 80s today.

The Last Bookstore preserves paperback in style

If you look hard enough in Los Angeles, you can find almost anything. The city and the surrounding area are known for obvious landmarks, such as the Hollywood sign, but there are smaller, more hidden destinations that are also worth a visit. If you venture into the smaller parts of the city, or simply keep […]