Living off the grid can be a fearful prospect

It’s nice, from time to time, to be reminded of the past, and, earlier this week, I had my opportunity to do so while watching a 1949 film for a class on post-war Hollywood. The Academy Award-winning film, A Letter to Three Wives, reflects upon the marriages of three women in light of news that […]

Fantasy, sci-fi push artistic boundaries

With the upcoming premieres of The Host and Game of Thrones, fans of science fiction and fantasy are prepared to see some of literature’s hottest titles portrayed on the screen. Whatever your opinions on Stephenie Meyer or George R. R. Martin, it’s undeniable that the fantasy and science fiction genres have a large market for […]

Django controversy swells as Oscars approach

High-level award ceremonies often harbor serious controversy, and this year’s Academy Awards will once not be an exception. Refreshing the century-long debate incepted by Mark Twain with “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” about the use of the “n-word” in literature, Quentin Tarantino’s fantastically violent “Django: Unchained” has proven to be a heavy source of debate […]

Gun violence in film will aid debate

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, it seems like a good time to take a look at how school shootings are portrayed in the media. Michael Moore’s documentary, Bowling for Columbine provides a gritty look into the American world of easily obtainable guns and the horrifying symptoms that that world can face […]

Film involves both art and leisure

Film is an art form, but many often perceive it — first and foremost — as a leisure activity. Just look at the disparities between the potential awards contenders. This year, some of the most likely awards contenders  span all of genres and audiences: Skyfall (action-adventure), Lincoln (biopic), Beasts of the Southern Wild (fantasy), Flight […]

Fans bring success to The Room, awful films

Every month at the Regent Landmark Theater in Los Angeles, a very dedicated group of fans gathers to pay homage to a film unlike any other. It’s not a seminal work from a respected auteur or renowned cult classic — the sort of movies that usually deserve such treatment. No, these people are here to […]