Snacks should be incorporated into busy schedules

One of the worst things about being gluten-free? It’s hard to snack. I’m not talking about those celebrities who say that their favorite snack is “celery.” Fact: Celery is not a snack — it’s just God’s way of saying, “Hungry? Here’s something awful for you to eat.” No, when you’re a busy college student trying […]

Gluten eating habits are hard to break

Sometimes — or perhaps all of the time — bad habits are difficult to break. Smoking, drinking, drugs — but what about gluten? Yes, that gluten: The protein found mostly in wheat products. Gluten-free people can indulge in moderation One might assume that when you find out you need to go gluten free, it’s as […]

South Figueroa offers tasty gluten-free options

Sure, there are many trendy places that you can get your gluten-free on within the great city of Los Angeles. But in case your pockets don’t run deep enough to help support the eating habits of über-cool hipsters at the hottest cafeteria/restaurant/hole in the wall that actually costs 20 bucks per bite, or in case […]

LA falls short of culinary variety

Los Angeles is certainly a haven for foodies: Copious restaurants with every kind of taste and style are spread across our grand city. Sure it can get a bit expensive, but if you’re ever down to step away from campus and experience delicious food with your friends or family, then you’ll have no problem finding […]