WHIZ misses mark

New Koreantown-based restaurant Whiz, fails to deliver with unsatisfactory dishes and poor customer service.

All’ Angelo Pizza and Pasta brings new taste to Koreatown

Although many students typically flock to Koreatown for All You Can Eat Korean Barbecue, there are other Koreatown restaurants that serve food just as delectable and filling. All’ Angolo Pizza and Pasta, which opened Sept. 18, is one such restaurant. Not to be confused with All’ Angelo on Melrose Avenue that closed down, All’ Angolo […]

Bengali eateries and grocers hide in the heart of Koreatown

You might be surprised to know that the supposed heart of Koreatown, a small strip of Third Street and Wilshire Boulevard between Wilton Place and Vermont Street, does not belong to the Koreatown community, but is listed in the official city map as Little Bangladesh. Even more surprised were Korean civic groups, who had assumed […]

Road to Seoul is go-to Korean BBQ

A mere 10-minute drive from USC lies the Road to Seoul in Koreatown. Though the restaurant’s name would have you prepped for an epic journey as you walk through their front doors, the Road to Seoul relies more on service than atmosphere to bring its patrons the best Korean BBQ around. Korean BBQ, for those […]