Academy Awards should slow weekend releases

With spring just around the corner, this weekend’s box office brings several new releases, targeting a variety of demographics. While all of these films will suffer because of the Academy Awards on Sunday, some of them should have enough draw to audiences to the theaters. The most talked about release this weekend should be the […]

President’s Day weekend movie sales down

According to, preliminary box office results show a 30% decrease from last year’s President Day Weekend. Though the reasons are unclear as to why, the performers this weekend seem to go against expectations. At number one with an estimated $21 million was the Liam Neeson thriller Unknown followed by the much buzzed about teen […]

Action and politics Clash in latest film epic

Clash of the Titans opens with images of constellations and a voice explaining how stories are written in the stars. The revelation is both concise and seemingly profound; it marks the end of the movie’s overt poetry. On the surface, the remainder of Clash of the Titans looks just like any other action movie. Like […]

Performances shine despite lackluster direction

A seemingly happy marriage of more than 20 years ends with an adulterous wife who disappears, leaving her loving husband to discover the identity of her lover and travel across the country to befriend the man in order to gain justice. The plot itself sounds like either a gut-wrenching, anti-love story or a psychologically jarring […]