USC vs. Washington: Keys to the game

After picking up a strong home victory over Washington State on Wednesday, USC now looks to host another foe from the north this Saturday as it takes on Washington in its final contest of the regular season. In order to pick up a win in what will be a crucial game against the Huskies, there […]

COLUMN: USC has improved but hasn’t yet arrived

It’s funny how sports can sometimes work as a metaphor for life — in that everything seems to balance out. For the USC men’s basketball team, it’s the fact that they are neither as good as their 14-0 start nor as bad as their recent losses against three top-ranked teams followed by a debacle at […]

COLUMN: ASU loss a massive blow for Trojans

Yeah, I’ll admit it. I was that guy on Sunday afternoon attempting to be the voice of reason to those anxiously huddled around the television screen. I was trying to pacify a situation that I had no clue would conclude so tragically. Despite a 10-point lead for the Trojans with 3:57 remaining in regulation against […]