Oscar contenders are predictable choices

Out of all the award shows in existence, the Oscars is probably the most anticipated. Yet the announcement of the 83rd annual Academy Award nominations last week came about just as critics predicted, with only a few, not very notable exceptions. Winter’s Bone filled what some saw as the wild card slot in the 10-film […]

Embattled Polanski provides a model for troubled stars

He pled guilty to having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl more than 30 years ago and then spent three decades as a fugitive, but director Roman Polanski is still able to make a film and actually have people go see it. Considering all the intense media scrutiny of Polanski’s September arrest in Switzerland for […]

Unsophisticated ploys cheapen latest Polanski thriller

The Ghost Writer, controversial Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski’s newest film, was made under intense personal stress. Filmed in exile, edited under house arrest and released during complicated legal troubles, the resulting film is a claustrophobic, compelling thriller that feels only a little bit rushed. Some guys can’t write five-paragraph essays after their girlfriends break up […]