Thanksgiving dinner welcomes cultural interpretations

You know Thanksgiving is near when frozen turkeys go on sale by the pound and your family lugs three-pound bags of cranberries home from Costco. It’s the all-American celebration, a blend of European tradition with native game and produce. Just about half a century ago, the Thanksgiving menu was standard and predictable: roast turkey, an […]

Asian couples flock to marry on symbolic date

In many Asian countries, where good luck is considered paramount when choosing a wedding date, thousands of couples rushed to get married on 11/11/11. Symbolically, the date is considered to be one of the most auspicious in a century, prompting many couples to rush to the altar. Because the date consists entirely of ones, in China it […]

American food culture affects Chinese cuisine

When I lived in Singapore, I was pampered by the cheap Chinese dishes with varying tastes and textures at food courts, the dim sum dishes from hawker stalls and the occasional multi-course Chinese banquet during special events. But in the United States, all I found was dishes that serve the same goopy, sweet and greasy […]