Gnome Man’s Land

Amidst the headlines of the Sunday Los Angeles Times, which included stories of fatal car accidents, sex scandals in the Catholic church, and the murder of prostitutes in downtown LA, one article stood out against the gloom and tragedy of the city’s news to let a glimmer of positivity into the mornings of the paper’s […]

Artists should turn to history for inspiration

The outcome of the presidential election not only decides the new leader of the country, but also the course of events for the next four years. Each time a new president steps into office, they assume responsibility for decisions that could affect the country far beyond their term. By opening an American history textbook, citizens […]

Signature piece

Street artist Shepard Fairey autographs an Andre the Giant poster, for which he became famous after pasting posters of the image around the world. Program Board and USC Spectrum hosted “Revolution with Shepard Fairey” Wednesday night in the campus center.

Fairey plays influential role in evolution of street art

Street artists are usually seen as troublemakers. Many tamper with public property, create controversial pieces with charged messages and sometimes end up being arrested for the art they create. One of the biggest issues any street artist encounters is getting his or her work accepted as actual art. It’s tough to convince the average civilian […]