New media redefines the art of journaling

As the so-called Digital Age begins to pick up speed, the private art of putting pen to paper seems almost antiquated. Sharing your thoughts on the latest political development is as easy as sending out a mass tweet, and real-time Facebook status updates add a dimension of unparalleled accuracy to the chronicling of daily events. […]

Haute Highlights

Ballet Preljocaj — Snow White Friday March 23-Sunday March 25 Dorothy Chandler Pavilion There’s Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman, and then there’s Ballet Preljocaj’s Snow White. Clearly, Snow White is in right now, but artistic director Angelin Preljocaj presents the classic story in ways you’ve never seen before. The contemporary French dance […]

Colorful musical theater at its most interactive

Theater is immersion. So when some chump a few rows over is making moment-killing noises during a show — whether that’s pneumonic coughs or ill-timed whoops of praise — standard protocol is to give them the stink eye. I have never known an exception to this rule. I like my theaters kept relatively silent, especially […]