Johnson’s role won’t be easily filled

We all know by now that Stafon Johnson is most likely done for the rest of the season. He was involved in a tragic accident that no one could have predicted or prevented. But what we don’t know is how the USC offense will respond to the incident. More specifically, how will this impact the […]

Veganism provides healthy LA lifestyle

“I don’t eat meat.” For some reason, these five words can incite an array of emotions: animated nods of approval, haughty snorts of condemnation, or even the puzzled furrows of brows. Vegetarianism seems to be strange to many but finds a welcome home in Los Angeles. So what exactly is the decision to not eat […]

Voyeurism, narcissism and vanity thrive in ‘Public’

Before you could tag yourself in Facebook pictures, organize your Top 8 friends on MySpace or send @MileyCyrus a love tweet, there was a web pioneer in the ’80s and ’90s named Josh Harris, whose aggressive business tactics and eccentricities have been captured by director Ondi Timoner in the searing documentary We Live in Public. […]