Superior to sell flu shots at low price

Shoppers who frequent Superior should consider adding a flu shot to their grocery list.

On Sunday, the Superior Grocers in the University Village will offer seasonal flu shots — administered by Onsite Wellness — to employees, students and local residents.

Alan Derow, benefits manager of Superior Grocers, said although the flu shots are not aimed primarily at students, it’s a good idea for them to consider getting the shot.

“It’s important for students to get the shot for two reasons,” Derow said. “We’re trying to do our part.”

Though the University Park Health Center has no role in Superior’s decision to administer flu shots, Corinne Ash, a program specialist at the health center, said it’s good to have other places in the community giving out the shots.

“The more people getting flu shots the better,” Ash said.

The flu shots will be administered outside the supermarket for both sanitary and space reasons, Derow said.

Some students expressed trepidation about getting a flu shot from a grocery store as opposed to a health clinic.

“I wouldn’t go to Superior because I’d prefer to go to a medical establishment for my flu shot,” said Colleen Brosnan, a sophomore majoring in international relations.

Other students, however, said they would consider getting a flu shot at Superior because of the convenience.

“If I needed to get a flu shot, I would get it at Superior,” said Mohamed Alloo, a sophomore majoring in business administration. “Superior is a lot closer to my dorm than the health center.”

Superior’s shoppers and employees had only good things to say about the market’s flu shot program.

“Superior is a very good market. It offers flu shots at a very good price,” said Yolanda Hernandez, an area resident who has gotten a flu shot at Superior before.

Constance Matthews, a Superior employee, has received her vaccination from Superior before and plans to get her shot there this year. She said offering flu shots is good for the whole community.

“The flu shots are benefiting everyone, because many people do not get their flu shots,” she said. “This way, they can just come do their shopping and get their flu shots while they’re here.”

Derow said he is not sure how many people will show up to get flu shots this weekend, but said the provider could probably give shots to up to 300 people in three hours.

Although Superior currently only offers the seasonal flu vaccination, Derow said Superior might be able to give out different shots in the future.

“The H1N1 vaccine is a big question mark. If our provider gets the vaccine from the government, then we would think about having another flu shot campaign with the H1N1 vaccine,” he said.

Superior is trying to make sure that its vaccinations are more affordable than what its competitors are offering. Stores such as Walmart and Walgreens are offering flu shots that might cost as much as $25, but Superior’s shots will cost $20 and only $15 for students or faculty members with USC IDs. Flu shots from the USC pharmacy cost $25.

Derow is anxious to find out if Superior’s efforts for his employees, the community and students pay off.

“It is kind of exciting,” he said. “I hope that the turnout is good because I think the community needs to be vaccinated for the flu.”

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