Muffins of plenty

Next time you grab a free muffin from a catered event at Alumni park or a free sandwich from Students Talk Back, remember this: there is a poor starving student at Harvard who would kill for the privilege of eating that muffin.

Free food abounds at USC; if you know where to look for it, you can go for weeks without paying for a meal. And he abundance of complimentary catering is accessible to anyone with the will power to feign interest in whatever lecture accompanies the food.

But not all college students are so lucky. Students at Ivy Leagues are seeing cut backs in crucial areas such as hot breakfasts, meeting pastries, even Halloween parties. At Harvard, the financial downturn hit the school’s endowment so hard that the Tae Kwon Doe team will now have to share a space with the Crimson Dance Team. Does anyone else foresee a hilarious upcoming youtube video?

So as Thanksgiving approaches (sort of), remember to treasure the free food in your horn of plenty. And suck up to your friends on the Trojan Plan.