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Service targets fans of the break-up Post-it

Preparing to cross at the Hoover Street and Jefferson Boulevard intersection is like preparing for battle. It would never do to simply wait for the white man to appear and jaunt casually to your destination. It is a journey. You strategize on the best crossing method: straight across, or diagonal? An arced trajectory in between? […]

Students dabble in the fields of online agriculture

It’s been a long time since Facebook — like shower sandals, cheap beer and pretentious art posters — was associated exclusively with college students. I don’t think anyone begrudges this transition, though it is always alarming to see your mother comment on the sweater you wore to “LAS VEGAS TRIP(PY) Part Deux.” But whereas it […]

H1N1 partiers play chicken with the swine

There are only so many ’80s-themed parties one can attend before American Apparel runs out of gold lamé spandex pants and shoulder pads stop being ironically funny and start being a regrettable fashion statement. It’s only natural that students start branching out to new theme party ideas, but it’s not long before everyone and their […]

Law too difficult to follow for Shriver

When the California Senate passed a law banning cell phone use while driving, citizens all over the state agreed that this was a sensible and well-reasoned law — that no one would ever, ever follow. It’s like a law that forbids people from making bad eating choices. It’s good for us! It’s better for the […]