Muffins of plenty

There is a poor starving student at Harvard who would kill for the privilege of eating your free muffin.

Do-it-yourself projects leave many dangling

Ikea tapped into an incredible market when it decided to sell inexpensive, nice-looking furniture to anyone willing to assemble it and explain to their friends why their sofa is named “pëgfardj.” But Ikea furniture is a shortcut like any other, and what you get when you lug home a box of lumber pieces is a […]

Stalking: another peril of being a teacher

If undivided audience attention is what you want at work, then there are many careers to pursue, including stripping. But becoming a professor is not one of them. Any student that has ever sat in the back row of a big lecture class, or is sitting in one right now, knows that even the most […]

Climate change threatens drinkability

People who discredit or just don’t care about global warming are like drunk gamblers in a casino who bet away the deeds to their homes: They are taking a massive risk that will almost certainly result in homelessness, and they are likely to be wearing teal, polyester stretch pants. Global warming, if nothing else, is […]

Why, I do have a uterus. You’re welcome.

This column is not for all readers. If you’ve ever purchased tampons that were designed to look like pieces of candy to save yourself from embarrassment, you might consider turning the page. Similarly, if you insist on referring to your own menstruation or the menstruation of someone you know as “a visit from Aunt Flo,” […]