Star Spottings

If you come from a place where seeing someone that looks a little like Jon Lovitz is considered a celebrity spotting, then Los Angeles is supposed to be an exciting change of pace. Stars are everywhere! Not actual stars– those are obscured by the thick smog. But celebrities! Tara Reid, Ryan Seacrest, that guy from that show! If you get out at all, aren’t you supposed to see them?

It’s harder than it looks.

But it turns out that sometimes, you don’t even have to leave campus to see some stars.

Last Monday (as in September 28, not yesterday), Ludacris was spotted in New/North, which made him the second coolest rap artist on campus at that time— Lil’ Romeo still goes here, yo! Apparently, Ludacris was visiting a friend of the family.

And last night, Arnold Schwartzenegger was at the Starbucks on Hoover having coffee with his daughter, who is a student here. He’s probably feeling pretty good that his daughter isn’t attending school across town.

Not a bad week. At the least, this is way better than when people saw Heidi and Spencer walking around VKC last year. The  two of them collectively brought down the average intelligence of the campus so significantly, the University dropped behind Chico State in the U.S. News & World Report rankings.

Oh, and the Sprinkles Truck was on Trousdale today, which mean everyone in THH was  just a few degrees away from Oprah.

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