DPS responds to Folk Laur: Put your sleeping bags away

Sorry guys, guess you better put your sleeping bags and s’more fixings away. In response to a previous blog post, DPS emailed the USC student list serv to say:

Contrary to information contained in The Daily Trojan Blog those who plan to attend the DPS bike sale will not be allowed to “camp-out” overnight in the area of the sale. Any person arriving the previous night or planning to sleep over will be turned away.”

But what if you really want a bike? Remember, DPS is selling bikes for $25; at most stores, you’d be lucky to get a broken tricycle for that much. And there are only two hundred bikes to for sale. So, high demand, low supply. In the email, they even warn would-be buyers to expect long lines.

Perhaps DPS envisions that the crowds will swarm in promptly at 9 a.m. and not before. But DPS only prohibited sleeping over. So get there early…just bring your coffee.