Undergraduate Student Government announces 2010 candidates

The candidates for this year’s Undergraduate Student Government election were announced Wednesday night. With the actual campaigning period beginning Feb. 8, the candidates are currently in a research period to assess the needs of their constituents.

There are more candidates this year than ever before, with four presidential tickets, nine residential senator candidates, three commuter senator candidates and three Greek senator candidates.

The amount far exceeded the expectations of the Committee of Elections and Recruitment.

“I’m really excited about the number of candidates,” said Arnela Sulovic, assistant director of Elections and Recruitment. “When there are more people running, it improves the quality of the person chosen for that position.”

Emiko Suzuki, co-director of Elections and Recruitment, attributed the large number of candidates to USG’s improved visibility. More people know about USG, she said, so more people want to get involved.

More senators could still join the mix, as write-in applications are not due until Feb. 15. Come election time, the student body will elect a president and vice president, six residential senators, three commuter senators and three Greek senators.

After a mandatory candidates’ meeting Wednesday night, Suzuki said she was glad the candidates asked questions, as it shows they’re serious about running a clean campaign.

An event called “Rock the Vote” will be held on the first day of elections to promote political advocacy on campus. The event will include musical performances and guest speakers.

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