Supporters continue to flock to Facebook

Though the second day of campaigning was a literal washout, the presidential tickets have managed to grab some more student support, as evidenced by the growing Facebook groups.

The numbers for Tuesday:

Chris Cheng and Nehi Ogbevoen: 2 groups, 1,290 members

Vote Chris and Nehi: USG Election 2010: 1,088 members

Greeks for Chris and Nehi has 202 members

Dylan Dann and Addison McCaleb: 3 groups, 1,546 members

Vote Dann-McCaleb! has 930 members

Greeks for Dann-McCaleb  has 558 members

Seniors for Dann and McCaleb! has 58 members

Andrew Matson and Juan Orjuela:  1 group, 129 members.

It’s About You! Vote Andrew and Juan in 2010 has 129 members

Jonathan Munoz-Proulx and Ryan Walsh: 1  fan page, 1 group, 738 members

Group: J.M.P. Walsh 2010:  312 members

JMP Walsh 2010 fan page: 426 fans

The Dann-McCaleb ticket has the highest overall numbers, though the total does not account for overlap among the groups. The Cheng-Ogbevoen ticket has the most supporters in any single group, though Dann and McCaleb seem to have control of the Greek vote. The Munox-Proulx-Walsh ticket has seen the most growth in support since Monday.