Program Board launches new website

The USC Program Board has recently launched a new website that helps inform students about the various events going on around campus and gives them insight into the roles of Program Board’s committees and assemblies.

This website is the third prong in a series of public relations applications Program Board has created to help keep the students informed.

Program Board has had a website in the past, but the brand new version is free of technical kinks and is more informative and better organized.

“We really needed this new, redesigned website to be about the events, and I really like how the website now gets that across,” said Joseph Zuniga, Program Board’s executive director. “There’s always something that the Program Board is doing at USC and the students need to know about it.”

Program Board will hold a special public relations event to promote its new website, Twitter account and spring events calendar in mid-February. This will be treated as the “grand opening” for the three new media applications.

USC Program Board is the programming branch under the Undergraduate Student Government. The plan a variety of events at USC, such as film screenings, food fairs, concerts and discussion panels.

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