DUI check leads to number of arrests

Officers arrested nine drunk drivers and impounded 41 cars Saturday at the DUI checkpoint near campus.

Nine drivers under the influence were arrested at the checkpoint along Figueroa Street between Jefferson Boulevard and 32nd Street on Saturday night.

Los Angeles Police Department, California Highway Patrol and USC Department of Public Safety officers screened 1,206 cars between 7 p.m. and 1 a.m., officers said.

Of those cars, 41 were impounded for drivers driving without a license, and one driver was arrested for possession of a knife, along with the nine arrested for driving under the influence.

No USC students were involved in any of the arrests or impoundings.

DPS Capt. David Carlisle expressed concern about the number of people driving without a license who are possibly driving without insurance as well.

Carlisle also said the checkpoint was an important way of keeping the streets safe.

“Those people were removed from the roadway before they injured someone,” Carlisle said.

Roland Gallardo, an LAPD officer who worked at the DUI checkpoint, said he believed this checkpoint was a critical safeguard in the university area.

“Of those drivers, one out of the nine or maybe more could be a potential subject that could have run over one of our students on the street or on a bike,” Gallardo said. “So I think because we got that many off the street, we were successful.”

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  1. Jack
    Jack says:

    Right but the Row pays a lot of money.. not going to get into a lot of trouble anytime soon. It’s interesting that this Ronald Gallardo guy is saying how they helped prevent people from running over bikes… has there been any issue lately other than what happened around the Jefferson and Hoover St? And wasn’t that at 3am?

  2. curious
    curious says:

    curious as to why they don’t patrol “The Row” and why they stopped at 32nd streets when clearly there are drunk students among others north of 32nd street. If LAPD, CHP, and DPS went to The Row, then they would include a different (but not suprising) demographic of USC students who are drunk drivers and/or underaged & intoxicated.

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