Up and down Childs Way and across campus, construction work continues as the university revamps for the fall. Student groups will be moving into the newly erected and long-awaited Ronald Tutor Campus Center as soon as June 1, with a tentative date for operation later in the summer. Also opening its doors in the fall […]

Out with the old, in with the new

Maybe it was just me, but during this past school year, classes sure seemed like a drag, especially with papers, tests and multiple projects piled up the size of the Eiffel Tower in my apartment’s not-nearly-big-enough kitchen. It really seemed like there was no end in sight. But there is always hope at the end […]

Eclectic soundtrack to farcical SNL spin-off falls flat

Well, it was pretty easy to see it coming. A movie as silly, as ridiculous, as ironic as MacGruber wasn’t exactly going to produce a soundtrack that Ennio Morricone would approve of.  Without beating around the bush, the soundtrack is at once miserable and ridiculous, much like the movie itself.  The real question is, then, […]