New LP has makings of a future classic

While the recent resurgence of Afro-pop-punk is nice (Johnny Clegg is finally cool!), Vampire Weekend and the like can often feel pretty feckless. There’s nothing wrong with that, but well, sometimes rock needs a little feck. Enter Wolf Parade. The group’s new album Expo 86 has moxie to spare. Bedroom kids will be burning out […]

Finding Nemo and co.

Participants of the USC Sea Grant Parent-Child Education Program learn about an Ochre Seastar on a field trip to the Redondo SEAlab. The program is funded by USC Neighborhood Outreach and is held at the EXPO center, and is offered free of charge to neighborhood schoolchildren in fourth through sixth grades and their parents.

It seems like time for the Buss to board — Jerry Buss

In a town where misguided terms like celebrity and fame get thrown around about as often as a new stadium proposal is sent to the NFL, it’s not surprising that Los Angeles’ most successful living sports figure has been largely overlooked by a society more enthralled with activity than achievement. Yet, if you were to […]