Fruit used in pops and smoothies recalled

Although it’s still hot outside, Fruiti Pops might not be the satisfying treat to turn to, as the FDA says some of the iced treats might be linked to typhoid fever.

Fruiti Pops Inc., located in Sante Fe Springs, has recalled about 10,000 bars believed to be contaminated. The company buys fruit pulp from Goya, a fruit distributor that recently recalled its mamey pulp, a tropical fruit typically grown in Central and South America.

A package of mamey found in Las Vegas tested positive for the bacteria that causes typhoid, the Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday.

Although the link between the contaminated mamey pulp and fruit pops is uncertain, it is a precautionary measure Fruiti Pops Inc. wanted to take, according to the company.

Junior Aguado, whose family has owned the company for years, told KABC “there’s no proof we received any contaminated product. Because Goya was so broad in their recall, we just went with the safest option.”

Goya also sells its pulp to companies for smoothies and milkshakes, the Centers for Disease Control said. The recalled pulp was sold in 11 states, including California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Symptoms of typhoid fever include severe abdominal pain, a fever as high as 104 degrees and headaches; some patients also develop rose-colored spots.