Black licorice — trick, not treat

Though many parents might advise their children to not eat too much candy, the Food and Drug Administration this year warns candy-loving grown-ups to lay off black licorice. In a statement the FDA preaches moderation of the treat in adults over the age of 40 because eating more than two ounces of black licorice per day […]

Brown bans California minors from tanning beds in landmark bill

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation earlier today that renders tanning beds off-limits to minors in the state of California. The bill will take effect starting on January 1, 2012, and was part of a handful of other bills related to health initiatives the governor signed in one swoop. Minors at least 14 years of age are […]

BPA levels in canned food should make students reconsider

Cliché or not, eating food from dusty metal cans and assorted plastic containers is as endemic to college life as hangovers and cram sessions. The typical convenience-based, borderline-desperate college diet can be summed up by images of microwave-nuked Chef Boyardee and little cans of Vienna sausage. Many of these metal-can or plastic-packaged foods, however, come […]