Livin’ la vida Loko

To Loko or not to Loko?

That was the question.

On Wednesday, the FDA issued a warning to manufacturers of alcoholic energy drinks that effectively banned such products in their current state, following a one-year study on the harmful effects such beverages have on the body.

The announcement came on the heels of a recent wave of state-wide bans implemented across the nation.

While Four Loko was not the only beverage mentioned in the study, it has been the subject of intense scrutiny following several incidents in which those who consumed the drink were hospitalized or seriously injured.

Phusion Projects Inc. has already modified its flagship beverage, announcing that the Four Loko will no longer be produced with caffeine, taurine or guarana.

But many are up in arms, calling such measures “Prohibition-like,” with others speculating that such regulations will only encourage people to seek out their own haphazard ways to replicate the “blackout in a can.”

All things considered, we want to know:

Do you agree with the FDA’s hardline stance on caffeinated alcoholic beverages?

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