Newest release causes some confusion

Every Sunday afternoon at the community center auditorium nearest you, a group of middle-aged music lovers — often in mod, hippie or rocker costumes — gather and jam out a set list heavily influenced by a classic rock mixtape procured with only two easy payments. And oh boy, if you close your eyes, it feels […]

City’s transition leads to a renewed sense of community

While the dust is settling on USC’s latest overhauls — University Gateway apartments and the Commons-turned-Ronald Tutor Campus Center — Los Angeles is going through a long overdue remodel. Just as the stale square building in the center of campus has been replaced with a lofty community center flanked by an expansive plaza, neighborhoods across […]

Twitter gives USC students new avenue for information

To Tweet or not to Tweet? That is the question. After signing up for Twitter, I found myself compelled to Tweet something as proof of my membership. With no followers, my first tweet in May 2009 read, “ah twitter confuses me,” and after a few more insignificant status updates that week, @Beccalett remained out of […]