Google reveals new search feature

Google unveiled a new instant search feature Wednesday that searches a user’s query one letter at a time as you type, and does so faster than before.

The new search feature shows results as they are being typed into the query box. If users scroll down to a word or phrase, they can generally determine if they are searching for the right thing.

Users of the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari for Mac or Internet Explorer will be able to use this new search feature, which is heavily reliant on JavaScript to make it run faster. Google’s online FAQ claims that the new search feature will save “2-5 seconds per search.”

Google instant can be turned off and filter against lewd, profane or hate speech in its searches.

As a company, Google is known for its constant web innovation, with some of its most innovative features — such as Google Shopping (or Froogal) and Google Voice — emerging from its programmers’ un-structured time.