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Companies embrace streaming devices

The white whale of the current technological market is one we always hear in relation to any set-top box: the persistently rumored “iTV,” the evolved form of the Apple TV that Steve Jobs apparently cracked the code of how to make before his untimely death. Despite the pressure and wide range of rumors, with some […]

Buyouts not always successful

Google has a lot to be proud of. Having just celebrated its 15th birthday along with the release of its newest search algorithm, Hummingbird, Google continuously tops the rankings for lists such as most innovative, most desired workplace and more. As one of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley, Google has accumulated the time […]

Google Play could be competition for Apple

Recently Google replaced its old Android Market with the shiny new Google Play. Whereas the old Android Market was centered (obviously) on Android phones, Google Play sits dead-center on the Google toolbar used by PCs and smartphones alike. The service offers music, movies, books and games in one online marketplace. While obviously somewhat aping iTunes, Google […]