Trojan Vision Television to debut new live talkshow

In an effort to focus more on student interests and campus events, Trojan Vision Television will air a new live talk show beginning Sept. 27.

On air · Polina Diaz, a freshman majoring in screenwriting, works at the Trojan Vision studio. The station will debut a new show later this month. - Shabnam Ferdowsi | Daily Trojan

The Daily SCene will be hosted by two anchors and will feature a variety of segments geared toward the USC student body. The segments range from interviews with USC professors and special guests, music and movies reviews, ideas for Los Angeles-based activities and coverage of entertainment news.

James Creech, a junior majoring in political science and cinema-television production and Trojan Vision’s general manager, said the idea for a daily talk show came from Elizabeth Daley, dean of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and Don Tillman, executive director of Trojan Vision.

“We really wanted to bring a new inspiration in programming to the station,” Creech said.

The show will air from 11 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday, and features two different anchors each day throughout the week. In addition, some programming segments will air on certain days of the week. The Daily SCene will broadcast live from the television kiosk near Tommy Trojan every Wednesday, a first for Trojan Vision.

Lipson said she hopes this presence on campus will help publicize The Daily SCene and Trojan Vision as a whole.

Trojan Vision had the capacity to launch the new show this semester after receiving record-breaking enrollment numbers — more than 100 people in Practicum in Television Production (CTPR 409). The course, which is required for some film majors, allows students to work directly with Trojan Vision to plan and produce daily programming.

“We had a lot of resources in terms of people that wanted to work for Trojan Vision as well as gear and equipment that we wanted to be able to use in a creative new way,” said Elle Lipson, a junior majoring in cinema-television production and the executive producer of The Daily SCene.

One way the production team plans on bolstering support for The Daily SCene, as well as its other shows, is by involving the student body through social networks.

“We’re trying to get started with a viewer-generated content segment where we’d have people [be] able to give their feedback over Twitter or Facebook,” Lipson said.

In addition, all episodes will be posted on the Trojan Vision website with additional special features, such as deleted scenes.

So far, the show has generated interest from students — currently more than 40 producers work on the team with even more crew members.

“We have a ton of volunteers and people who are just really excited,” said Olivia Bonin, a junior majoring in neuroscience and cinema-television critical studies and the promotions manager for Trojan Vision.

Overall, the show’s producers have said they are excited to launch Trojan Vision’s latest project.

“The general reaction has been very positive because they like that there is so much variety offered in the show and so much opportunity to really gear it to what students would like to see,” Lipson said.