Freeway traffic found all over Los Angeles

Los Angles is a city associated with constant traffic congestion, according to a recent Metropolitan Transportation Authority Report that said more than half of Los Angeles freeways are congested during morning and evening rush hours.

Overall, freeway transportation in Los Angeles has remained relatively consistent from 1991 to 2009, yet the Golden State 5 Freeway is one freeway known for congestion at all times of day, according to the MTA Draft 2010 Congestion Management Program report.

“Without improvements to our current transportation system, and changes in the behavior of the traveling public, the projected increase in population and employment will reduce the average current countywide travel speed of approximately 30 miles per hour to less than 20,” the report said.

To combat potential increases in traffic, MTA’s most recent Long Range Transportation Plan, adopted in 2009, plans to expand bus and rail systems, build new carpool lanes and encourage more ride sharing, walking and bike riding, according to the report.