Road trips prove that absence makes the heart grow fonder

In my first column this semester, I wrote about the frustration I felt hearing the “Beat L.A.” chant at a Kings game. If there’s anything I want people to get out of this column, it’s that they should give this city a real chance. Especially for new transplants, Los Angeles can feel overwhelming at first. […]

City Council green-lights stadium plan

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved Friday the plans to build a $1.2 billion NFL stadium in Downtown, in turn reaffirming the city’s desire to once again have a professional football team, according to the Los Angeles Times. If all goes as planned, Farmers Field would open in 2017. The council approved the plan […]

Billboard markets ideas not materials

Traffic. Even as the source of many Angelenos’ collective frustration, it surprisingly provides the only time we get to sit in one place. And when we get stuck bumper-to-bumper, we try to find other modes of entertainment. If we simply sit in the car and let our eyes roam, they will undoubtedly fall on the […]

Caltrans to blame for traffic disaster

USC students are no strangers to traffic. We live in the middle of Los Angeles, within short distance of two major freeways; traffic is almost inescapable. On a Friday afternoon, the freeways look like two blankets of lights: one red and one white, slowly moving in opposite directions. For this reason, delays because of construction […]