(Study) space: the final frontier

You can see it in the increased frequency of angst-ridden Facebook statuses, prominence of 5-Hour Energy Shots littering on-campus trash cans and the ghastly expressions of the collective student body.

The midterm season has arrived, rearing its ugly head for the first time this semester.

Coinciding with this first round of midterm exams is the all-too-familiar pastime of seeking out a suitable on-campus location to study for the night.

In the past, many have complained about the densely packed study floors of Leavey Library, with those fortunate enough to secure a study cubicle forgoing any thoughts of satisfying basic needs for fear of losing their coveted real estate.  Others have lamented the inconvenient hours and availability of other buildings on campus, including Doheny Library and buildings used for instruction during the day.

This year, the Ronald Tutor Campus Center has helped to alleviate the congestion at pre-existing on-campus study locations, with the Trojan Family room offering a large hub for studying during the day, and the outdoor courtyard furnished with a sizable number of seats and tables available for after-hours use.

But have they made enough of a difference?

Taking these improvements into account, we want to know:

Do you feel like there are adequate study spaces around campus?


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  1. Torin
    Torin says:

    I think there are plenty of places for students to study on campus and the Ronal Tutor Campus Center is great. I hate studying in Leavey and hardly ever go there but have found myself in the student center on multiple occasions. While it is quiet, it isn’t as busy as Leavey and has a better overall atmosphere. Lets hope that doesn’t change as more and more people find out how nice the facilities are!

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