Santa Monica to get with the times, lift dating services ban and eHarmony users living in Santa Monica can now rest easy — a 1954 city law banning dating services will most likely be repealed Tuesday.

The Santa Monica Daily Press has reported that the City Council will review the ordinance, which prohibits “personal introductory service, marriage bureau, lonely hearts club, or other business of a like nature” from operating within the city. The ordinance will most likely be overturned, the Daily Press reported.

Though no one really knows what exactly a lonely hearts club is, the ordinance means that online dating services like eHarmony — which, as LAist points out, is moving its corporate headquarters from Pasadena to Santa Monica — can’t operate in Santa Monica.

A City Hall report cited the evolution of dating services since the law was enacted as one of the factors behind changing the ordinance.

“With the advent of computer technology, personal introduction and dating services have expanded and become a common and reputable way to meet others for social interaction,” the report said.

One common, though perhaps not as reputable, method of social interaction will not be permitted in the city, however. Officials plan to keep the ban on escort services in place, the Daily Press reported.