Online piracy poses little risk to business

When 26-year-old computer programmer and political activist Aaron Swartz committed suicide last Friday, news of his death spread across the Internet with the same speed as the viral videos and the applications he had helped to produce. At the time of his death, he faced unnecessarily harsh felony charges entailing a possible 35-year sentence and […]

Online education provides an alternative

With college tuition continuing to rise with no guarantee for jobs after graduation, some prospective college students might choose alternative paths to education. Because of the increase in costs, enrolling for a postsecondary education online has become an attractive option — not a last resort. The virtual classroom experience provides a viable alternative that students […]

Out with traditional, in with online

Online content is the future of sports journalism, but some journalists refuse to give in. The difference between sports journalists A.J. Daulerio and Bob Costas, for example, represents the ever-changing role of the media in sports and in the way society views sports coverage. To Costas, Daulerio must seem like the embodiment of a sports […]

Online empowerment in Egypt

One of the most fascinating aspects of the quasi-revolution currently taking place in Egypt is the way protestors are organizing themselves. Over the weekend, The Daily Beast reported that many of the demonstrations have been organized by an unknown individual operating a dead man’s Facebook page. The operator is known by the name El Shaheed, meaning martyr. This […]