In Theaters Today

Hereafter [rated PG-13]

Clint Eastwood, arguably Hollywood’s most prolific filmmaker, reunites with Matt Damon in this drama about communicating with the dead. Three separate stories dealing with tragedy and the supernatural world collide in Crash-like fashion in what Eastwood describes as his first chick flick. Bryce Dallas Howard co-stars.

Paranormal Activity 2 [rated R]

It was inevitable. After last year’s Paranormal Activity did for normal suburban households what Jaws did to the ocean, it was only a matter of time before the massively successful horror film received the sequel treatment. Set three months before the events of the first film, Paranormal Activity 2 focuses on Katie’s sister, who has just bought a new home in the same neighborhood as Micah and Katie. Oren Peli, the director of the first film, returns as the producer this time around as Tod Williams sits in the director’s chair.

The Company Men [rated R]

Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones round out the all-star cast of this poignant and relevant tale of the corporate downsizing of a large company and its effect on the lives of three men. First-time director John Wells, one of the creators of ER, also wrote the script.