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Horror masters move beyond screen

The calendar not only forecasts the changing of the seasons but also our annual culture patterns. With summer blockbusters and barbecues long gone but the winter still a ways away from sweeping everyone up in the holiday spirit, it’s a special time indeed. Nights are cooling, leaves are changing (although perhaps not in Los Angeles) […]

A decade of maverick filmmaking

Wikipedia states that to be considered an independent film, half the film’s budget must come from a source besides a major studio. But to hipsters everywhere, “indie” can either be annoying and pretentious or nihilistic and edgy. In any case, so-called indie film has come a long way in the last 10 years. This list […]

Suspense film leaves viewers unsatisfied

Word on the street is that after seeing Paranormal Activity, Steven Spielberg returned to the studio with the DVD in a trash bag. He claimed the door to his bedroom locked by itself after he watched the film. Was it the ghost of Orson Welles, still upset over Spielberg’s adaptation of War of the Worlds? […]