Young Hollywood breaking down?

Lindsay Lohan has gone bonkers and Miley Cyrus seems well on her way. Britney went crazy, but she seems like she’s faring ok. And Christina? Despite the divorce, the girl has coped well.

Not all young Hollywood starlets make it out of the glitz and glamour with their sanity in tact, yet luckily, not all of them go out with a bang like Lohan either.

Demi Lovato is the most recent young celebrity that seems to be having trouble coping with the pressure of living under a microscope. Lovato, who became famous for shows on the Disney channel like Camp Rock and That’s So Sonny, has been touring with the Jonas Brothers this year.

This week, she checked herself into a rehab facility for “emotional and physical issues” according to her representatives. People Magazine reports that issues with cutting and an ongoing eating disorder, as well as a fight with someone on tour, finally forced Lovato to seek professional help. Lovato’s check-in was a surprise, however, to many of her fans and loyal followers.

Lovato, 18, is only one example of countless girls struggling with their own notions of body image and acceptance. Although she is attempting to keep her personal problems away from the spotlight, perhaps she will prove to be a positive example for young girls who need help, unlike most of the starlets before her.

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  1. Phil Osopher
    Phil Osopher says:

    I am sure that the only thing half of Lovato’s peeps are worried about is the money they are losing.
    The promoters, the agents, her manager are all taking a hit with her stopping touring.

    She is NOT Demi Lovato, she is a money making machine and that’s how she is looked at. This is the truth and the way the business is and has always been.

    From her bookers, to her hookers, they are all out of work.


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