Letters to the editor

Headline gives comic relief

I am a senior at USC, and I have a lot of respect for the Daily Trojan.

I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into publishing a professional-looking newspaper every single day, especially while keeping up with school.

However, on Nov. 9, the Daily Trojan surpassed itself. It was without a doubt, my favorite DT moment of the last four years.

Just below the fold on the front cover was an article with a headline worthy of The Onion: “Soda high in sugar, study finds.” A simple enough statement, but one that had me and all of my roommates in stitches.

Was this a practical joke? Could there ever have been doubt in anyone’s mind that soda was high in sugar?

Upon further inspection of the article, I was slightly disappointed.

It was a perfectly respectable story about false advertising, how soda contains higher levels of some sugars than previously thought and the dangers of consuming beverages with such high fructose.

All the same, the headline stands alone as one of the funniest things I have ever read in your newspaper. Thank you for a good laugh!


Morgan Leighton

Senior, biological sciences and philosophy

Walks derail commute

To whom it may concern,

In all of my years at USC, I have always had a burning question that has left me feeling unsatisfied:

Why is it that every single one of these charity walks has to close off the entire campus? I am a commuter and I pay full tuition to go to this school.

I contribute to student organizations on campus, one of the things that I feel make this school great.

These road closures deny me the chance to contribute because many events are held on weekends, and I cannot get to campus when the roads are closed.

I’m not saying to move these walks entirely.  I’m not saying I think the causes are worthless.  I just want one street to stay open so I can get to the school.

Phillip James Sanshuck

Senior, biochemistry and psychology