Jeff Fisher, Titans sever ties

For awhile, it had been thought that the Tennessee Titans’ front office would have a choice to make this offseason: retain their potential franchise quarterback or the longest-tenured coach in the NFL.

Both Vince Young and Jeff Fisher clashed many times during the 2010 season, as Fisher opted to start veteran Kerry Collins instead of Young. The situation appeared settled, however, when the Titans released their mercurial quarterback who, despite his hefty winning percentage as a starter, has yet to deliver on the potential he once demonstrated at the University of Texas.

Now, it appears that the organization will proceed without both, as Jeff Fisher, according to, has resigned as head coach of the Tennessee Titans. Although he did not indicate his reasons, many believe that Fisher was disgruntled about losing two of his longtime defensive coaches this past offseason.

Fisher played football at USC from 1977-80 as a defensive back, and was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 7th round in the 1980 NFL draft. Former athletic director Mike Garrett was interested in hiring Jeff Fisher prior to hiring Pete Carroll in 2001. When Carroll left for the NFL last year, Fisher was once again a candidate of interest, but he declined to compete for the coaching vacancy. Current coach Lane Kiffin was hired instead.