Chip Kelly might be Pac-12’s best coach

For those of you who can’t get enough of Lane Kiffin, another cantankerous coach sporting a visor will occupy a Coliseum sideline this Saturday: Oregon’s Chip Kelly. Of course these days, the visor and surly personality might be the only similarities these two share. To say Kelly came out of nowhere is a bit generous. […]

New USC challenged to survive 2011 climate

Last June, after a four-year NCAA investigation, then-USC Athletic Director Mike Garrett echoed a commonly held sentiment: The NCAA had it in for USC. At a hotel ballroom in San Francisco, filled with 180 university boosters, Garrett responded to the Committee on Infractions’ 67-page report by accusing college athletics’ governing body of jealousy. “As I […]

Jeff Fisher, Titans sever ties

Former USC defensive back Jeff Fisher, who was reportedly considered twice for the school's head coaching vacancy, has parted ways with the NFL's Tennessee Titans.

Bright future for USC might be knocked out

A new decade means new beginnings, and for the USC men’s basketball program, it could only signal a change from the bitter, not too distant past. Following the resignation of former coach Tim Floyd in 2009, the USC basketball team was in shambles. Former guard O.J. Mayo was found to have received improper benefits and […]

Faces of a new era: Pat Haden

Pat Haden, a former USC quarterback and Rhodes Scholar, looks to bring a new mentality to a troubled athletic department.

Trojans’ AD Garrett opens up

With the first installment of “From the Desk of the A.D.,” Mike Garrett shows fans he’s in touch with the day-to-day activities of the athletic program.