DVD rental stations added to several dorms

Students have started to check out movies from DVD Rental Stations in New/North and the Pardee Tower lobbies, as movies were put in the weekend before last.

The stations, which were added over winter break, came as part of a USG initiative from USG President Chris Cheng’s platform. Movies cost $2 per night to rent and a credit card is required to check one out.

Choices · Breanna Golin, an undeclared freshman, checks out a movie from the DVD rental station at Pardee Tower. Another kiosk is located in New/North lobby. - Gina Hernandez | Daily Trojan

“It’s nice having it there because a lot of time we want to watch movies in the dorms, and it has a lot of brand new releases,” said Jessyka Linton, a freshman majoring in political science who lives in the South side. “I’m excited to start renting movies from it. Hopefully it’ll also start taking USC IDs instead of debit cards in the future, because that’d make it more convenient.”

Tim Sae Koo, USG Director of Student Affairs, coordinated the effort with USC Housing.

“Our President and Vice President [Nehi Ogbevoen] ran with the platform that was to put one in each side of campus — Southside, New/North, Parkside and the West side, Webb and Fluor — in central locations there to make them accessible to all students living on campus,” Sae Koo said.

During the 2009-10 school year, there was a rental station in New/North, which was taken out last semester because of renovations.

“During winter break, they installed one in Pardee and Marks and one in New/North,” Sae Koo said. “Right now, they are seeing how well the response is. If it’s positive, USC housing will go from there, based on student feedback, to put one in Parkside and one in the Westside.”

Cheng said he was excited to see this part of his platform put into effect.

“Our goal is always to make student life here convenient and enjoyable and to enhance the student experience,” Cheng said. “There are Redboxes at supermarkets —  there’s one at the Ralphs for students who live off-campus —  but there weren’t any convenient places for freshmen to go.”

Sae Koo said that this was just one example of USG working with USC administration to improve student life.