Few students know about upcoming USG election

Last night’s presidential debate gave USG presidential candidates Monish Tyagi, Eric Burse and Alex Fadil the opportunity to make their voices heard at the Ronald Tutor Campus Center.

Yet a surprising amount of students were not even aware that such an event took place last night, despite campaign posters that have been in place around campus.

“I didn’t even know there was an election coming up,” said Rachel Margolis, a freshman majoring in international relations.

Those that did the debate, however, seemed to get a lot out of it.

“I thought it was a very high level debate with well-prepared and highly-qualified candidates,” said Jeffrey Watson, a senior majoring in public relations.

Some students were excited to hear the candidate’s new ideas.

“I’m really happy I went because it gave me the opportunity to not only hear the platforms of the different candidates but also their responses on how they would actually be able to implement them,” said Catherine Sutcliff, an undeclared freshman. “It was super interesting just to hear all their ideas for next year.”