Tyagi announces plans after being sworn into office

Undergraduate Student Government President Monish Tyagi emphasized providing students with an incredible experience Tuesday night when he was sworn into office. Tyagi pledged to provide all students with ‘the premier undergraduate experience,’ a phrase often used by Former President Chris Cheng. Cheng introduced Tyagi as someone who has already “worked extremely hard for this organization and for […]

USG polls close, about 5,600 votes cast

An estimated 5,129 students voted online and approximately 500 voted using paper ballots for the Undergraduate Student Government elections. The polls closed at 8 p.m. Thursday, according to Juan Orjuela, Elections and Recruitment co-chair. USG hoped to get 6,000 votes, over one third of the undergraduate population. “We’re pretty happy with the numbers right now,” […]

Presidential candidate Tyagi under review for possible elections code violation

USG presidential candidate Monish Tyagi has been accused of breaking several articles of the USG elections code because of a Facebook photo that USG vice presidential candidate Rohan Mehra alleges was taken at a party that looked like it might have had “significant amounts of alcohol present and being consumed.” The alleged violation in the […]