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That’s What I Am more than just a coming-of-age tale

Were kids just as mean 50 years ago as they were today?  The quote “It has often been said that children are cruel” is displayed at the beginning of That’s What I Am, a remarkable, uplifting exploration of a boy’s journey to manhood amongst the discrimination and trials of a 1960s middle-school. Written and directed […]

Bananas! tells story of a global food industry

We see them in piles at the grocery store, on our kitchen counters, atop our cereal, but for many plantation workers in Nicaragua, daily exposure to bananas has had a much more profound impact on their lives. Swedish filmmaker Fredrik Gertten’s Bananas! artfully relates the true stories of a handful of these plantation workers as […]

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care quiet yet explosive

How does one go about listening to post-rock instrumental band Explosions in the Sky’s new album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care? There’s a lot of answers to that question.  But a quality pair of headphones or good speakers is key, as is a solid chunk of time to hear as much of the album […]

Amanda Jo Williams’ new record reflective of her past

Not too long ago, Amanda Jo Williams was a mother of two who performed in Woodstock before coming to Los Angeles to gather a solid fan base. Although she’s been given the reputation of a sad, lonely mother who has suddenly made it big, the magical-sounding freak folk singer rejects this, saying in an interview […]

$110 million donation going toward scholarships

A $110 million donation for scholarships will be annonced Wednesday. The donation was made by John Mork, chief executive of Energy Corp. of America and alumn of USC, and his wife Julie Mork, who runs the firm’s charitable foundation. Both are Trustees of the University. The donation is supposed to cover tuition and some expenses […]

Suspicious green liquid on campus

Students around USC have been seeing green lately, but what’s really the source of the mysterious green goo appearing on campus? Ahmed Fahim | Daily Trojan (Click to enlarge)

Researchers making a difference

By Sophia Lee Writing a research paper need not involve labor-intensive and time-consuming readings of texts. Instead, imagine videos, images, colors, graphs and speech lighting up each page. Words might be non-linear and color-coded, linking to relevant information and visuals. And perhaps, it might even pique enough curiosity in the reader to start a discussion. […]

Molding minds to mold minds

Funded through grants and private donation, the School of Education sees its research thrive on small and large scales.