Tyagi announces plans after being sworn into office

Undergraduate Student Government President Monish Tyagi emphasized providing students with an incredible experience Tuesday night when he was sworn into office.

Tyagi pledged to provide all students with ‘the premier undergraduate experience,’ a phrase often used by Former President Chris Cheng.

Matthew Wunderlich | Daily Trojan

Cheng introduced Tyagi as someone who has already “worked extremely hard for this organization and for the student body as a whole.”

“I’m very excited to have someone replace me who is better, funnier, better-looking and probably a bit taller,” Cheng said.

Tyagi said he wanted to continue USG’s role as representatives of students’ interests to university administrators, a role emphasized by Cheng’s administration.

“I will build relationships with administration and alumni and bridge the gap between students and administrators,” Tyagi said. “I will reach out to a wide array of diverse students, and I will work tirelessly day in and day out to keep life here at USC great for years to come.”

Tyagi said his role as USG president is important because students applying to USC are interested in more than just outstanding academics or nice facilities.

“College students are looking for more than education, they are looking for an experience – a place to call home, make lifelong friends and lifelong memories,” Tyagi said. “We have been entrusted with providing students with the unique USC undergraduate experience.”

Tyagi also teased Cheng for his sometimes unorthodox behavior during his presidential term.

“It’s time to access the work of the previous administration and look up the things I want to change,” Tyagi said. “Next year, you won’t see me jumping over tables in [executive board] meetings; you won’t see me attending groundbreaking ceremonies in a red suit and you won’t hear me end phone calls with the phrase ‘holla holla.'”

Overall, Tyagi said he was excited to begin his term.

“It’s a humbling feeling to know that I’ve been chosen by my peers to serve the undergraduate student body,” Tyagi said. “And it’s an honor to be passed the torch by a great leader and one of my best friends.”