Daytime TV hosts flourish

It’s been four months since Oprah Winfrey arrived at Harpo Studios in Chicago to host her final episode of The Oprah Show. Fans and even some critics thought daytime television would never be the same when the queen of daytime left to work on her next big project, The Oprah Winfrey Network.

With Oprah out of many people’s schedules at 3 p.m., whom can you watch on a daily basis to get your dose of news, inspiration or entertainment? Katie Couric’s show doesn’t debut until 2013. Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini weren’t asked back to The Talk.

Viewers need not worry; there are, in fact, plenty of shows out there to choose from. Here is a look at some programs that might fill Oprah’s spot and keep you enthralled in between classes and work.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC

Ellen might just be the new queen of daytime. The host can make you laugh, feel compassionate and of course, dance. Every A-list celebrity stops by her set when promoting his or her new movie, television show or album.

She might not ask hard, nosy questions, but with her endearing charm you can’t possibly get mad at her for it. Plus, her fun and popular segments, such as “Bad Paid For Photos” and “Know Or Go,” never get stale.

Besides, who can resist watching the audience freak-their-freak when receiving the best giveaways in daytime TV? Washers, dryers, trips and $500 gift cards — if only obtaining tickets wasn’t impossible.

Anderson, FOX

New this fall to the daytime spectrum, Anderson Cooper steps up to try his hand at hosting two programs. Compared to his nightly CNN show, Cooper’s daytime gig allows for a different portrayal of the hard-hitting journalist.

In his debut week, he went spray tanning with Jersey Shore star Snooki, proclaimed his love for The Real Housewives when some of the Beverly Hills housewives showed up and even went on vacation with Kathy Griffin.

Don’t expect every episode to be all fun and games, though. Cooper has already devoted episodes to more serious issues such as foster parents, conjoined twins and former Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints members, providing a well-rounded and intriguing lineup.

The Today Show with Kathie Lee And Hoda, NBC

At 10 a.m., the fourth hour of The Today Show might be too early for some college students.

Regardless, wine-lovers Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb transform the news program into happy hour with hilarious banter, memorable segments and energetic guests sometimes willing to have a sip or two of alcohol.

Previous programs have featured ambush makeovers, an interview with Morgan Freeman and Taylor Lautner and foods to put you in a better mood. It’s informative and entertaining, just as morning news should be.

The Dr. Oz Show, ABC

Dr. Oz, one of the few lucky people to be considered one of Oprah’s best friends, is taking over the former host’s time slot in Los Angeles.

The famous doctor has been in the headlines recently for his investigation of apple juice safety after his show found amounts of arsenic in some brands of the favorite children’s drink, demonstrating Dr. Oz is more than just a television personality and truly invests himself with the subject matter at hand.

When not scaring parents, Dr. Oz spends his hour-long program discussing everything from weight and food choices to anti-aging and fitness.

Wendy Williams Show, FOX

“How you doin?” are the famous words repeated on Wendy Williams’ talk show day after day.

Dignified diva · Television personalities like Wendy Williams are attempting to bridge the gap in daytime TV Oprah Winfrey left behind. - Photo courtesy of Karl Giant

Proudly wearing one of her many wigs, the host begins every show with the day’s hot topics. Whether she’s telling viewers her thoughts on Brad Pitt’s comments about Jennifer Aniston or her reaction to some of The Real Housewives of New York City cast members being fired, she doesn’t hold back.

Williams is willing to dish it out, even if that means A-listers are less likely to visit her show.

The Chew, ABC

Food lovers, rejoice! ABC has developed a new daytime program celebrating life through food to replace All My Children.

Hosts Carla Hall (Top Chef), Clinton Kelly (What Not To Wear), Daphne Oz (daughter of Dr. Oz), Mario Batali and Michael Symon (Iron Chef America) unite to talk everything gourmet and entertaining.

From cooking to interior design to holiday traditions, the hosts will share their tips and expertise on a daily basis live from New York City. If you can’t watch, make sure to check out the website at for the day’s top recipe featured on the show.

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  1. USC Actor
    USC Actor says:

    To be honest, no TV host will ever replace Oprah. I know other TV hosts will be entertaining but they will not change people’s lives like Oprah did. It is estimated that she has changed millions of lives and personally, if it weren’t for Oprah, I wouldn’t be here at USC. Yes, you will know who I am because I have been known on campus as the only USC student who watches Oprah.

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