Former ‘X-Factor’ star is back with new hit

You might remember months back, when The X Factor was literally still a foreign concept to the United States. All we could do across the pond was marvel at the Youtube videos that would pop up the day after each episode aired. These videos created loads of buzz that eventually helped the show transition to Hollywood.

One of the most successful internet sensations to come out of the European X Factor was Cher Lloyd. Her rendition of Soulja Boy’s “Turn My Swag On” has garnered more than 17 million views on Youtube. From there, its history.

Though Lloyd only made it to the final four of the performance competition, she might have been the show’s biggest and most promising star. Her combination of pop, hip hop and R&B yielded entertaining and impressive performances. It was only time before Lloyd was destined to become an international star.

A couple of months ago, Lloyd debuted her first single from the upcoming album Last One Standing (awkward, since she was the fourth-to-last one standing…), “Swagger Jagger,” which eventually topped the UK singles chart. Despite the song’s inane lyrics, Lloyd is definitely on to something with her music stylings. The song is catchy and could possibly become a cross-over hit.

But what really sells the song is the music video. The bubbly cartoon animation complimented by the energetic dance stylings of the crowd of dancers create a massively appealing interpretation of what is a pretty darn good urban dance track.

Now it’s October and Lloyd is back with a surefire fourth-quarter radio hit. The music video for “With Ur Love” has just premiered and it features the moderately successful Mike Posner. Though she tones down the color scheme with a pastel filter over the footage, her vibrance is still noticeable and definitely the marketable aspect of her personality.

Lloyd spits out faux-rap vocals over the simple bumping beat like Rihanna in “Rude Boy.” The chorus soars to new heights as the singer shows of her actually vocal abilities. But its that “swag” that Lloyd loves to reference that really gives her sound that unique “X Factor.”

Posner’s verses on the track are chilled out and very complimentary of the style of the song. The two artists’ personalities definitely have chemistry, which you can actually see when they goof off in the closing seconds of the video.



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