Childish Gambino heavily promoting Camp release

You might know Donald Glover from the TV series Community, but now you have the opportunity to know him on a whole new level. With the release of his hip-hop alias Childish Gambino’s first major record approaching rapidly, the actor/rapper has taken it upon himself to start promotion in a big way.

It all started with the release of Heartbeat on Saturday. The track boasts a catchy, danceable beat over heavy bass and startling lyrics. Its quite a diversion from the Childish Gambino we know. The production has lifted to new heights on Camp, the rapper’s new album.

This performer is growing better and better with each release. Tracks like “Heartbeat” and the gospel-influenced “Outside” show the rapper’s range and ability to diversify his sound, while keeping a constant recognizable flow.

Childish Gambino has been on the promo circuit to generate some buzz for his new record. The album, Camp, was also performed in its entirety on Halloween — the first major PR stunt for the record. But now, Glover is taken his performances to the national scale. He took to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to perform “Bonfire” to outrageous approval. Hearing his records is one thing, but Glover proved on the talk show that he is a performer at heart.

The album is available in its entirety for streaming on NPR. And at about an hour long, make sure you have no interruptions when you go to play it. This is a record you want to experience from start to finish without any interference.

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  1. kevincorcoranjr
    kevincorcoranjr says:

    I’m glad he’s gotten to the point where people don’t have to say “the guy from community” all the time. Now people can just say Childish Gambino, Mother F**** and people know what you’re talking about! haha anyway, this guy is freakin brilliant and i can’t wait to hear the full album next week!

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